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IRON EDGE VC was created as a vehicle for members to efficiently invest in pre-IPO companies.

Historically, a growing company would conduct an IPO after a five-to-seven year period, granting ordinary investors ownership of shares with the potential to delivery tremendous returns. Under today’s market conditions, this scenario occurs with much less frequency. These companies have not disappeared, but now a much greater portion of their growth happens while the company is privately held, leaving a lot less opportunity for significant gains within the public markets.

This delay in the offering of public shares has created issues for company insiders and investors alike. Private shareholders want liquidity, while a significant number of potential investors wish for access to leading-edge and innovative enterprises. These circumstances have given birth to a new market for private shares, and IRON EDGE VC is at the forefront of that market.

Our mission

Access to the greatest opportunities
Our mission is to provide members with access to investment opportunities in alternative asset classes that had previously been reserved for institutional investors.

The benefits afforded by ownership of earlier-stage startups were once exclusively reserved for a small group of entities that could meet minimum investment requirements… requirements that were out of reach for most individuals. IRON EDGE VC has democratized the process of pre-IPO investments while providing much-needed liquidity for the original holders of preferred insider shares.

At IRON EDGE VC, we take great pride in our ability to adapt and innovate in today’s rapidly involving financial environment.

Meet the team

Get an overview of our IRON EDGE VC team.
Paul Maguire
Founder and Managing Partner
Paul began his career at the New York Stock Exchange in 1990. His nearly thirty years’ experience in the financial investment industry includes working as a trader and RCMM for C.J. Forbes & Co., LLC, and holding the position of Managing Director at NYSE Specialist firms LaBranche & Co., LLC, and Henderson Brothers, Inc. before LaBranche acquired it. At these companies, Paul’s responsibilities primarily entailed matching institutional buyers and sellers as well as providing bids and offers to comprehensively resolve all public trading needs. These activities and their associated communication skills have given Paul an ability to identify and retain clients, and to build and maintain strategic alliances.
Paul was recently quoted in the WSJ as well as Reuters. Click on the icons below to view the articles.
Cris Palacios
President and General Partner
With more than 22 years of Wall Street experience, Cris Palacios has vast experience in managing and raising funds for investments ranging from stocks to bonds to private equities and beyond. The diversity of Cris’s experiences within the broader sphere of the financial industry has equipped him with an impressive understanding of the trading mechanism. Furthermore, most of Cris’s industry experience has taken place within the context of leadership roles. While working at numerous brokerage firms, Cris has been entrusted with the vitally important task of training key strategic associates. All of this has combined to form a professional persona characterized by the utmost proficiency, integrity, and attention to clients’ needs.
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